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Kelly M.

"Like most, over the years I developed the mindset that my belongings were important, significant and even necessary and justified it with the “just in case I needed them later” mentality. I am neat and organized but always felt like my closet was jammed packed. I had assorted containers of seasonal clothing and an insane collection of purses stacked all the way to the celling! To top it off, my clothes were being smashed, I had to convert to fabric hangers just to make room. In addition, I have a tall dresser filled with clothes. One drawer, I never even opened! When Charlene Shires of the Keystone Effect introduced me to the KonMari concept, I knew I was in good hands. Her kind and gentle approach allowed me to dive a little inward to really become aware of the emphasis I had placed on things. As she worked with me, I immediately understood how to determine necessity and how to simplify this one small, yet significant daily function… dressing each day. She then organized my closet methodically and now when I go into it, I feel peace. I know exactly where things are and can find them easily. There are no more items I don’t or can’t wear. I dress up each day for my job, and it’s never been so easy. This is because my closet only contains items and clothes that are in good condition, feel good when I wear them, and that definitely brings me joy! It’s been about 3 weeks since Charlene transformed my closet and her teachings have been easy to maintain. I’m still amazed each time I walk into my closet or open a drawer. I think about the 5 garbage bags I donated to Good Will. Not because I have any remorse. Charlene reminded me of the new joy I will bring someone else. To me, that’s a win-win. I am grateful for this experience and would highly recommend Charlene of Keystone Effect. It will change everything."

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